We understand that even though we have carried out the installation perfectly, sometimes equipment can fail.

When this happens, it is reassuring to know that we are equipped to come and take care of the issue, and you can have peace of mind that everything is taken care of quickly, and without fuss.


Remote Monitoring

Our servers will monitor the system to ensure equipment is always online. We install a device within the equipment cabinet that allows devices to be turned on, off or be restarted. If there are any issues with a device then we are notified and can remotely reset before you are aware of the issue.

Smart Home monitoring

Engineers at your door

Whilst most issues can be solved remotely, some issues need an experienced hand.

Our engineers are always close by and available any day of the week. They are always equipped with spare parts and the right tools so they can resolve any issue on the day.

Smart Home Installation Engineer


All of our installations come with a 1 year warranty on hardware and software that allow you to take advantage of our engineers, if any issues are encountered, without extra cost.

Our maintenance team is available to you via phone and online chat 24/7. If there is ever an issue about your system that needs resolving you can always get in contact with us.


Takeovers & Upgrades

A badly installed smart home can be infuriating for the homeowner or tenant. NVI are regularly called upon to breathe fresh life into tired, or poorly carried out home automation installations by other integrators.

Just like a car needs regular servicing, so does a smart home. Poorly maintained hardware faces a multitude of problems; making basic maintenance a headache, or shortening product shelf life. We are here to help make it right.

NV Integration offers a free site survey on all rescue and takeover projects, assessing the current issues, and giving the owner a fixed cost to make things right, or to just give things a refresh to bring the systems up to date. Our remit is to hand each system back with a clean bill of health on all fronts.

Aftercare - Takeover