Audio Visual

Entertain yourself and guests with absolute freedom and clarity with a smart AV installation.


Imagine an integrated system that allows you to listen to Spotify in the living room, while another member of the family streams an album from iTunes in the bedroom.

A multi room music system gives you the freedom to listen to whatever you like, wherever you are.


A multi room video system allows you to watch any content, at any time, in any room in the latest 4K picture quality.

By centralising all source equipment in the house, this also means that only the TV and speakers need be on show in each room, reducing ‘AV clutter’ around the home.

Couple this with a single remote that replaces all other remotes, and reveals the TV from behind a piece of joinery or artwork - and you have a truly integrated AV installation.

Handbuilt Engineering

All of our systems are built in-house by our engineering team to the highest standards, working to clear and concise documentation, and industry recognised guidelines.

Every cable is labelled and terminated to length, ensuring a first-class finish within every AV cabinet we send out to the field.

Smart Home Install hard wired connection - audio

The Audiophile Experience

We've a wealth of designing two channel audiophile systems, for the discerning listener who wants to make a statement, and experience music as the recording artist intended.

Feel more, see less

For the design conscious, we can co-ordinate the TV and speakers to work in harmony with the interior scheme, or disappear completely when not in use.