Alexa and the Smart Home System

Oct 14, 2019

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 What is the future of Smart Home Automation? 

Amazon's Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant devices have been at the forefront of voice control and home integration for the everyday consumer. They are able to integrate into a variety of devices but the majority of consumers won’t go beyond some basic functions.

This is where Smart Home installers and the bespoke customisation they allow, enable you to take things further. By taking voice control into the realm of smart home automation they have opened new ways to interact with the home.

Simple Smart Home Control

Controlling your home should be simple and easy. A smart home system, like Crestron, already gives you full control over things like: lights, speakers, TVs, projectors, air conditioning and so much more.

Remotes, in-wall touch panels and mobile apps, are the typical ways to access control around the home. However, with Alexa you will be able to speak to your home and take control of any connected service even easier.

Why Alexa works for the Luxury Smart Home.

One of the main reasons Google Voice Assistant, and Alexa exceed over other voice control devices is the ability to programme new commands. Combining this with Crestron integration for home automation, any smart home installation will standout with its added functionality. This gives the home an element of luxury.

For example saying “Alexa, goodnight.” Can activate a pre-configured ‘scene’: the blinds close, lights dim, and heating set to eco mode.

In the video below, you can see how Crestron and Alexa make homes easier to interact with. It certainly did so for David Holmes, a former stuntman living with a disability. Thankfully his smart home keeps him independent.

Alexa goes beyond Amazon's hardware. Alexa voice control can be used with high-quality sound systems like Sonos.

We have incorporated Alexa & Google Voice Assistant into many previous projects, and our Belgravia showroom. Come and experience voice control, just as you would in a real-world setting. 


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