Alisse the New Lutron Range of Keypads

Oct 9, 2020

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Alisse is the latest in Lutron’s long line of luxury lighting control keypads. Read more about this new design below. 

Keypad Design

The Alisse has moved away from the contemporary architectural approach that the palladium keypad embodies so well. The simplicity of this keypad fits well into classical design that has been present in many older luxury homes. As they are being renovated, refurbished and rebuilt we are seeing a shift in design back to the classical. 

Lutron Alisse with Black metal finish keypad

Rectangular buttons are now replaced by elegant buttons with illumination giving it a lavish sense of control over lighting in the home. The buttons are tactile and respond to inputs in the same way previous keypads do.

The faceplates are handcrafted by Lutron's metal artisans in-house with custom finishes. Lutron also offers the Bespoke Metal Collection as a set of finishes for this keypad.

Download the Bespoke Metal Collection here

Hand Crafted Lutron metal artisan buffing an Alisse Keypad

The keypads are customisable with etched engravings that are backfilled with a complimentary ink that creates a beautiful control keypad. This can be an attractive text or an illustrative icon.

The Alisse keypad also comes in three variants, single, double and triple column. The button configuration for each of them allows for a minimalistic approach with one button or a more control orientated design as the triple column can hold up to nine buttons of control.

Lutron keypad Alisse with three buttons engraved on wall

The Alisse keypad integrates the best of Lutron technology and timeless design that is intuitive and completely personalised to your needs.

Watch more about the Alisse here

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