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May 7, 2020

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Sonos have released new products and apps, such as the Arc, Sub, Five and the new Sonos App S2. Read on below to read all about their latest update. 

The new Soundbar

The Arc, an update to the Playbar is the answer to the premium soundbar in the age of high-quality audio. The Arc is much sleeker and has much-improved hardware and software compared to its predecessor.

The biggest change is that this is the first speaker from Sonos that offers Dolby Atmos support for 3D soundscapes and all-encompassing audio.

The new Arc is 114cm long, making it just narrower than a 55" TV. This larger size compared to its predecessor allowed Sonos to pack more hardware into it.

Sonos Arc soundbar


Internally there are 3 tweeters and 8 elliptical woofers

  • 2 for left and right
  • 2 for the centre
  • 2 for surround left and right 
  • 2 above

Sonos Arc Soundbar blown up

Furthermore, the Arc like other Sonos speakers uses TruePlay to dynamically tune the speaker for a room but unlike other Sonos products, the Arc comes with upward-facing speakers that take into account ceiling height.

This is all used to optimise the sound for the room. The Sonos Beam, the much cheaper alternative has a similar build but the Arc has more power behind it giving more clarity and richer bass and can reach greater distances.

This will just continue to improve the surround sound in a room. It also comes with virtual assistants from Google and Amazon as well as far-field microphones so you talk to it at the comfort of the sofa.

Sonos arc soundbar with grille

A new Sub & speaker

The other updates Sonos released come in the form of a new sub and speaker. The Sonos sub has been updated, externally and internally. With a new white finish, it sits better in luxury properties than it’s black box counterpart.

The Play:5 now just called Five also comes in white. The new speaker and sub are major updates internally, with better memory and processing power to handle the new S2 app that Sonos is releasing. 

Sonos Play:5 and Sonos sub installed in room

The new app

Sonos caused quite a stir earlier in the year when they announced they were bricking old devices and stopping support for much older devices. Click here for the whole story. They have since backtracked and will continue to support but no longer provide updates for older devices.

They are now releasing a new app the S2 which will take control of the new devices. The app on everyone’s phones will be changed to “Sonos S1 Controller” and the new app will be named “Sonos”. They will be similar in design but the S2 has a lot more packed into it.

The S2 allows for more bandwidth which means that Sonos speakers will be able to receive higher quality audio from streaming services like Tidal. The new app also allows access to more features like Sonos Radio a new version of Tune.In radio with thousands of new stations as well as the option to listen to stations curated by artists and musicians. The app will be released on June 8th while the Arc and new products are available now.

The new Sonos S2 App

The S2 allows for another system of Sonos devices in the home. So, Sonos is giving you the option for three types of systems.

  • Complete legacy devices
  • Combination of legacy devices and devices released after 2015
  • Devices that are supported only by the S2 app.

For clarity, these are the products that are supported on the new S2 app.

Sonos S1 and Sonos S2 compatible device breakdown

If you are looking to upgrade any Sonos devices in your home, to get the latest products or to keep the system compatible with the new S2 app contact us here to get 30% off your upgrades.