NVI Sponsors Together for Cinema

May 16, 2023

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We have become a gold sponsor for Together for Cinema, a non-profit organisation that builds cinema rooms in children's hospices throughout the UK. Our sponsorship will help to fund the TFC's upcoming and scheduled home cinema installations for those in need across the UK.

Here are some of the benefits that our sponsorship will provide to Together for Cinema:

  • Financial assistance: The sponsorship will help to fund Together for Cinemas' future work, by providing financial assistance to purchase the equipment needed to deliver the home cinema rooms. This assistance can help cinemas to cover their operating costs, upgrade their facilities, and maintain the home cinema rooms installed.
  • Training and operational costs: The sponsorship will also help to fund Together for Cinemas' training programs and staffing.
  • Advocacy: The sponsorship will also help to fund Together for Cinema' advocacy efforts. Together for Cinemas works to promote the program for the benefits of the children's hospices which they provide these amazing spaces to.

NV Integration's sponsorship of Together for Cinemas is a significant contribution to the organisation's work. The company's support will help to ensure that this much needed relief is there for those in need, and their support groups have these cinemas to use and share some special moments with.

Who is together for cinema?

Together For Cinema CIC is a Community Interest Company whose main focus is to work with the AV industry to design and install home cinema rooms in children’s hospices and other suitable locations across the UK. These rooms not only benefit the children and young adults, but also their families, carers, staff and volunteers. Together For Cinema has comprehensive support and backing from our industry, hence all products and installation services are donated.