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Jun 21, 2019

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British people love our homes, and we love the great outdoors. So what is better than listening to great sounding music while you barbeque sausages in the rain. We've got you covered, here's our list of the top five outdoor speakers to have, that you don't need to dust off the extension lead for...


Architettura Sonora

Starting our list off strongly, the Architettura Sonora speakers are not your average outdoor speaker. These individually crafted speakers are hand-built in Tuscany, making each and every speaker unique.

Unlike other speakers, Sonora comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. There are over 15 different styles and finishes to choose from. Beyond aesthetics, Sonora boasts outstanding quality in the acoustics department too.

We think they wouldn't look out of place as a piece of art, and your guests would probably presume they were just that.


On the left is the Tall Cylinder speaker. On the right the Sphere speaker. Both come with mood lighting options. 


Leon Terra

Leon Terra speakers are built for the outside. Manufactured in the USA they are specifically housed in a UniCavity enclosure that can protect them from all the perils of English weather: heat, rain, flood, and ice as well as protecting from animals and insects.

The speakers make a great addition to the outside as they can easily blend into planters, and soil beds. Another great addition is the integrated LED lights, which just like the Sonora speakers, can be controlled from your smart home.

The lights are perfect for late parties providing excellent low-level mood lighting around pathways and soil beds. The grilles for Leon Terra speakers can also be custom printed with a design, family crest anyone?

On the left is the Terra Luminsound with mood lighting. The right is the Terra Six which has a custom print. 


Sonance SLS

The Sonance Landscape Series speakers come as a set linking each one to another, as well being paired with a subwoofer. They are specifically designed to fill an area of your garden with music, that doesn't upset the neighbours, and still allows you to hear the music, and each other.

Similar to the Leon Terra series, these speakers with their soil brown tone blend perfectly into the planters, so you won't even see they're there.

On the left is the Sonance speaker on a stake. The right shows a speaker and subwoofer hidden amongst plants. 


Sonance Extreme

The Sonance Extreme is another speaker offered by Sonance. The grilles are made of 316L Stainless Steel. An extremely hard and durable metal that will last against extreme high and low temperatures, high-velocity winds, hailstones, and any other weathering you can think of.

These speakers are perfect for homes on the coast as they will repel any saltwater but their signature design are fantastic for contemporary London rooftops and gardens. The metal rust-resistant grille can also be sprayed to suit a render or painted wall.

On the left is the square version of the Extreme speaker. The right image is courtesy of Perfect Integration showing the Rectangular speaker.


Bowers & Wilkins

The AM-1 Bowers & Wilkins are speakers you can trust. B&W is one of the oldest speaker manufacturers in the country. We have seen first hand the AM-1s withstand the worst of English weather conditions.

In the HQ of Bowers & Wilkins on the South Coast, a sole AM-1 sits upon a pole withstanding seawater, wind, heat and snow. It still works. 

On the left is an AM-1 mounted on the side of a building. The right is showing an AM-1 mounted sideways. AM-1s come in black also.


These five outdoor speaker systems are some of the top of the line speakers we use in our projects delivering high-quality audio to homes and gardens. In our opinion, each of these works, extremely well outside. However as no two projects are the same, we work with you, to find the perfect match for your project.

To find out more get in touch here.