The new 'Waitrose factor' of Homes

Nov 13, 2020

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There's no denying the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, with our kitchens and living rooms now doubling as our new home offices.

With this, a fast and reliable internet connection is becoming an essential part of the household for everyone working from home.

The great news is that the UK is leading other European countries in the availability of super fast internet services, however not every town outside of London has access to fast internet. 

Figures from the office for national statistics show that between April and June of this year, more than 46% of all employed people worked, at least partly, from home. This proves that there is a real need for not only fast internet, but also a reliable network meaning you can use the internet all over your home.

Super fast broadband is now so desirable, it has become the new 'Waitrose factor' of when refurbishing, buying, or selling a home. Read more below on how to get super fast and reliable internet for your home.


If you are considering moving home, we recommend checking with the big three; BT, Virgin, or Sky - the biggest and best internet service providers in the UK, as to whether they have super fast availability in the area.

Most UK homes in built-up areas will connect into an existing line in order to gain access to the internet. However, if you live somewhere more remote i.e. a large country estate, your access to fibre or even broadband infrastructure may be limited. If this applies to you, there are a number of things you can do; 

Firstly you need a leased-line. Most people in the UK actually share their internet connection with the people in their street meaning there can be fluctuations in speeds. A leased-line is a dedicated line of internet to your home, provided by your internet supplier. This doesn't fluctuate in connectivity because it is all yours, all of the time. 

Secondly, you need a robust home network. This is done by discreetly installing Wi-Fi access points around the home which are hardwired to a network switch. This ensures Wi-Fi is accessible and stable in every part of the home, instead of in random hot-spots. Having a leased line without a robust network behind it is like buying a Mercedes and never going above 20mph.

As networking specialists, we are experts in setting up and configuring home networks so you can have the most powerful internet network in your home, minimising the risk of dropping out of online meetings or having to watch Netflix buffer.

Get in touch with us today to set up your home network.


Had enough of London and want to move out to the country? These four UK locations might be the best places to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but still stay online.


Located in Shropshire, Ludlow is a hub for foodies but often overlooked by Londoners as it is over 3 hours away. However, Openreach is expanding and upgrading the entire area with faster internet speeds. With over 500 listed buildings and lower than average house prices, demand and indeed prices may see a rise as more people flock to this lavish town.



Living in the Chiltern Hills is a game-changer. Not only are the views extremely beautiful but there is an excellent internet connection in the area making it a fantastic place to work from remotely.

Commuting is also a breeze, with a rail link directly into Paddington station. Property prices in the area are a little higher, however it is surrounded by excellent schooling alongside acres of picturesque countryside, making it a wonderful place to work from remotely, as well as raise a family. 

Chiltern Hills Smart Home


There is a great community in Calne, with its Castlefields Canal and River Park. The Wiltshire town has the highest average download speeds in the country. Alongside this there is a current surge in new homes being built using locally sourced Cotswold Stone, it is another place to consider heading too to escape London.


The smaller villages around Northampton are becoming modernised with broadband going from basic to business-friendly fast in the past year. With commuter trains running regularly into Euston, and in under an hour, now is the perfect time to snatch up a lovely village home and redesign the way you live and work. 

smart home installer northampton


Not the sexiest city but when you head into the smaller villages like Elloughton, you find lovely homes within an area that have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

smart home installer in hull