The Voice Controlled Smart Home

Nov 27, 2020

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Architectural are pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence in the home with the launch of Josh Nano and the Josh Core. These new products work together to provide complete voice control of the home, delivering an unparalleled automation experience.

The josh nano is the worlds first architectural microphone; it is small, discreet and designed to seamlessly blend into any home. Don't be fooled by its small footprint, this tiny device packs quite a punch.

It can connect directly to home automation systems such as Crestron and Lutron allowing effortless control of lights, shades, audio plus so much more. 

Architectural smart home

General voice-controlled speakers are pushing the voice command to the side and focusing on creating a better, larger speaker that lends itself to be the go-to smart home control hub that sits in the corner of the living room.

However, the nano is different. It provides the homeowner with the four things they want from technology.

  • Seamless integration into any room design. 
  • Simple to use. 
  • Offers high-levels of privacy and data security. 
  • A small form factor with powerful technology behind it. 

architectural smart home

Josh Nano measures in at 0.1 of an inch deep and 1.6 inches in diameter, making it only slightly larger than a £2 coin, it is almost unnoticeable when fitted onto a wall or ceiling. 

It comes in two colours; coral white or jet back. However, it can also be fitted with a painted cover allowing the Nano to fit into even the most discerning aesthetics. Out of sight but never out of mind. 

architectural smart homeThe Josh Nano blends perfectly into the wall

Privacy & Security

The Nano features a four-microphone array including advanced far-field technology, meaning commands are received no matter where you are in the room. 

However, knowing that a device is constantly listening is naturally a little unnerving, and may raise concerns surrounding security and privacy. Unlike similar devices by Amazon and Google, which are constantly listening for keywords in order to retarget customers, the Josh Nano does not share its data. 

The Nano also features a revolutionary disconnect switch, which fully disables the microphone. Meaning what's said at home, stays at home. 

Powerful Processing Power

The Nano is backed up by the Josh Core, the brains of the operation. The Core does not need to be located in the room it is controlling, it can instead be stored within the AV cabinet alongside all other AV equipment. 

The Core is fully scaleable and can support up to 100 microphones. It also integrates into amplifiers and speakers, meaning it can provide audible feedback that commands are acknowledged.

The Josh Core and Josh Nano with use their own proprietary VoiceCast and VoiceLink technology to send responses throughout the home, creating a very lifelike and intelligent experience. Pairing with invisible or in-wall speakers delivers a true virtual assistant experience. 

Josh Core uses a custom-made natural language processing engine, meaning it can handle multiple requests in one command. Josh have also developed great working partnerships with Crestron, Lutron plus many other companies, allowing full integration within these systems. 

This allows homeowners to recall scenes or moods for each area of the home using natural voice commands. can be used to tune lighting, shading, audio/visual, security, HVAC plus lots more. Creating a truly automated experience.

We cannot wait to utilise in our projects when it arrives into the UK, and to provide our clients with a powerful voice-control system.