What can alexa do for you?

Feb 21, 2017

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New technologies are often met with scepticism, will it catch on, or be retired with the other passing trends? When it comes to voice control it looks like this is one advance that is here to stay.  It’s certainly changed the life of David Holmes in this video.

As NV Integration announce we have incorporated Alexa into our Belgravia showroom, allowing clients and fellow design professionals to come and experience voice control, just as you would in a real-world setting. We look into this technology, and what it means for your home or project.

Alexa without a home automation system is a pretty neat stocking filler, it can play music or tell you the weather…but when you integrate it into a home automation system the possibilities are endless.

As the big players in home automation announce their offerings of what this technology can do, it’s good to understand how that will impact how you use Alexa in your home.


We are able to incorporate Alexa into an existing home, or start a design with voice control in mind. If you’re interested in Alexa for your project or home, contact us to find out more and arrange a demonstration.