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As part of a recent basement excavation to this family home we provided the turnkey solution of this dedicated home theatre room. The project was recognised by CEDIA as a shortlisted finalist at the 2023 CEDIA Awards.

The room features a JVC 4K projector, Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 Surround Sound, Home Theatre Seating, and full acoustic room treatments by NVI. This means the speakers and subwoofers are hidden within the walls, and surrounded by acoustic treatments, improving the experience, while allowing the full sound to pass into the room.

The room is climate controlled thanks to a KNX system, and lighting controlled thanks to a Lutron HomeWorks system. Again, designed and installed by NVI.

Bringing all of the above together is a Crestron system, with fixed on-wall screen, handheld remote, and app controls for simple, efficient control of the room.

If you'd like to found out more about NVI and the home cinema installations we can offer then get in touch