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This is the hidden house. From the outside, it appears to offer just one floor but in fact, offers two further floors below ground level.

This project will include a Crestron automation system which will be the primary form of control for the mechanical and electrical services in the property including actuated windows, doors, shutters, elevators and even smart glass. In the basement, we are also designing a high-end cinema system.

As the basement is constructed from poured concrete we are working closely on the acoustic design to ensure the client gets the best possible performance from their cinema to combat this unforgiving environment.

The client wanted a light and minimalist look, so creating the treatments we needed were not easy, but we have come up with a few innovations to achieve the right result. One solution we have employed uses a curtain with an acoustic lining that covers one of the cinema’s 11 metre walls when the lights are down and the systems are in use, but stows away when the room is off, This is right at the heart of what NV Integration look to achieve, allowing the client to get the performance, but also the look they want.

Watch this space for updates as the project progresses.

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Images courtesy of Cove Burgess architects