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As part of a phased refurbishment of this London listed property we installed a 4K Home Cinema for our discerning clients to enjoy TV & film.

The room itself faced a number of challenges, primarily due to being a listed building, but we successfully dovetailed the technology into the room, while being sympathetic to the property's heritage status.

The projection is provided via a 4K laser projector from JVC, with the speakers and subwoofers from Wisdom Audio. We had the speaker grilles custom RAL finished to match the joinery interior. A simple to use handheld remote provides control of the room, plus the video sources which include: Sky, Blu-ray player, and Apple TV box which has been customised to show UK or USA content on-demand.

Elsewhere in the home we installed a Sonos music system, Lutron motorised roller blinds which are concealed in ceiling pockets yet run totally silently, a simple to use control system that interfaces heating, security and more, plus superfast Wi-Fi6 wireless access points for accessing the internet.

If you'd like to found out more about NVI and the smart home, home technology, or home cinema installations we can offer then please get in touch.