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This 11,000ft² cedar-clad home was built by a Royal Navy admiral in 1964 who had been so impressed by the Gone-With-The-Wind beauty of colonial houses in Williamsburg, USA while on duty there, that upon his return he built a replica of his favourite one.

NV Integration was instructed to design and install a home automation control system to allow seamless operation of the audio, visual, and lighting services. To match this stunning property a Crestron system was implemented, allowing customisation of every panel, remote and interface throughout the home, which was a key requirement.

The property’s electrical services were also incorporated into the system, bringing the heating, air conditioning, blinds, security, access controls and pool temperature into one control interface. This allowed all equipment to be neatly centralised in the basement, with only the Crestron touch panels on display for a clean look and feel to each room.

The family are very happy with their new system and love that they have simple, easy to use controls for a house which runs so many services. No longer do they have to worry about missed lights downstairs when going to bed, a simple “All Off” button by the bedside makes sure the house is safe and not wasting energy.

If you would like to find out more about home automation or any of the services listed above, please contact us to arrange a time for one of our consultants to visit and discuss your requirements.