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Another beautiful apartment in a leafy garden square of Knightsbridge.

During a recent refurbishment we implemented audio-visual, IT, and security services for the homeowner. The cornerstone of the solution is based on a Crestron smart home, providing app based control of the services in the home, in addition to hard button remote controls for the TVs, minimising remote clutter, and simplifying the TV watching experience.

For the audio systems we used a Sonos multi room music system, with a mixture of Leon's bespoke profile series speakers, designed to match the TV perfectly, and Wisdom Audio's in-wall speakers, disguised as soundbars. This method provides the client with a level of detail and clarity when watching TV, which far surpasses the built in TV speakers.

Post completion our aftercare and monitoring support services were put into place, allowing us to remotely track the health of connected devices, and restart the power remotely via the internet (when necessary), ensuring uptime for the users to enjoy the home technology.