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NV Integration was involved in the refurbishment of this beautiful 19th Century property that has undergone extensive renovations to restore it's beauty and grandeur whilst also bringing in comprehensive technological updates.

Our client wanted to create a warm space for their family, as a result the architect tried to incorporate as much natural light possible. This was achieved in the back of the home where the conservatory was renovated with large glass panels giving a view of the beautiful garden.

NV Integration worked closely with the design team to provide considerate solutions throughout the property, with anything on display being design in accordance with the period styling of the home. This included a UK first antique brass Lutron Palladiom keypads, and stylish Bang & Olufsen speakers that provided immaculate sound alongside their beautiful design. The basement served as a media/playroom featuring a recessed TV with an integrated soundbar and a hidden subwoofer behind an acoustic panel.