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This private theatre room was completed as part of the Sutthisan project in autumn 2016.

After a visit with the client to Meridian and Pulse Marketing in Cambridgeshire, the line up was chosen. DSP Special Edition loudspeakers provide the 7.4 surround sound audio, with every speaker and subwoofer finish matching the wall surfaces, via Meridian Select.

Six Fortress home theatre seats provide the furniture in the room. All six chairs include D-Box motorisation so that the chairs move in time with the action happening on screen. Fortunately, this can be easily controlled from the chair, or from the Crestron automation system; especially useful when you want to enjoy a meal using the motorised tray tables, which are built into the arm of each chair.

Optical glass separates the JVC 4K laser projector from the room, yet still allows the light to pass through the anamorphic lens to the 3.3-metre cinemascope projector screen; eliminating noise from the projector’s fan while enjoying a movie. Great for when you want to watch a film instantly from the Kaleidescape Premier Line server.

With such a high pedigree of products specified it was a must to provide acoustic treatment techniques, to ensure the best performance from the Meridian speakers. Panels wrap the walls and allow absorption and diffusion in the correct locations. NVI even supplied the deep pile carpet to improve the room acoustics.

With just a little magic left a starscape ceiling provides some wow factor, and with the client's admission that this is their favourite room in the house – means a job well done for the NVI team.

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