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Wired Networking

In any modern home, the demand for data is growing, with internet usage habits changing drastically in the past 5 years, a hard-wired backbone to the home network is more important than ever.

It has and always will be the case that devices will operate faster, and more reliably if they are connected with a cable. It also keeps the wireless channels clear for internet browsing.

Devices in the home need not suffer from buffering when loading high-quality video and audio when streaming to TVs and speakers. Hard wired connections allow for faster, and more reliable connections to the internet as opposed to WiFi.

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Wireless Networking

For those devices that require Wi-Fi: phones, tablets, laptops. A secure Wi-Fi connection is imperative.

By discreetly installing Wi-Fi boosters throughout the home you will have a strong secure connection, and your devices will always automatically switch to the strongest signal from the closest Wi-Fi booster.

Smart Home Installation Wifi

Dedicated Speeds

As the demand for data increases, so must the capacity of the incoming internet to the house. Domestic broadband is often not suitable due to the location, or demand.

A dedicated lease line which brings a fibre connection directly into the home can eradicate drops in connectivity by providing an internet connection with guaranteed superfast connection speeds.

Smart Home Installation Faster Internet Speeds

Future Proofing

We don’t have a crystal ball for the future, but we can futureproof our client's homes with the appropriate cabling infrastructure, safeguarding for future technologies that aren’t even invented yet.

We always want to deliver on requests from our clients; so we design our systems with this in mind so that as plans change or amend, we have the correct measures in place to cover the bases.

Future proofing smart homes

Centralised Hub

Utilising high-quality equipment that is stored in one central location in the home allows for a cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable installation of a smart home automation system.

This also allows us to monitor the services, such as temperature, power, and connectivity so that should an issue arise we are typically aware and aim to fix before the homeowner is.

Importantly it is another measure which futureproofs the home, if a new technology becomes available devices can be quickly interchanged in the centralised hub, without any messy re-wiring in the home.

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