Smart Home

Control the home

Our smart home installation allows you to automatically take control of the various devices in your home. Control everything from lighting, blinds, music, or setting the temperature.

Intergrated smart home installation

From your phone

This is via touch screens, handheld remotes, or your phone or iPad, all from within a single app.

By condensing everything to a single app, it cleans up your wall spaces too.

Smart home touch screen

Real integration

The benefits to a truly integrated smart home installation are untold. When each sub-system is able to talk with each other we can simplify everyday functions for the homeowner.

Just enter your alarm code as you leave the house, and your smart home will switch off lights, and the heating to away mode. A wake-up scene might open your curtains, and slowly fade up your lights as your radio station begins to play.

Installing automated smart home devices

Remote Access

Quickly access your smart home, even while away. Just open the app and view CCTV cameras, turn off missed lights, or set the heating prior to your return

Be in the know

Do you want to know if the boiler is leaking, the garage door has been opened, or the kids arrived home safely - a simple notification can send you a note when events happen, giving you peace of mind.