Smart Lighting

Effortless and powerful control of every light in the home with a single button press.

Control of the lighting in your home

The lighting in a property can dramatically change the atmosphere and mood of the home. With a fully smart lighting installation, you have the ability to recall saved scenes to suit any activity, from entertaining to meal preparation.

Intelligent lighting creates light and shade in a room; it enhances the architecture that deserves it and plays down the areas that don't.

Full smart lighting installation

Designed and fitted to your specifications

No more walking up flights of stairs to turn off missed lights - just press 'All off' and walk out.

No more banks of switches and dimmers on the wall, just an elegant keypad that's engraved for each function - and definitely no more flicker with modern LEDs. Through our experience, planning, and co-ordination we'll guarantee smooth dimming, all the way to 1%.

Smart Lutron Trufig Keypad installation

Blinds and Curtains

Smart lighting installations don't have to stop with the artificial light, our design team can help you control the natural light in the home too.

This also cleans up the wall spaces; as simple as pressing 'Goodnight' which draws blinds as the lights fade.

Smart natural lighting with motorised blind installers

Control with App

Turn off missed lights, activate holiday mode to simulate a lived-in routine while away, or activate scenes - all from your phone or iPad.

Bespoke finishes

The keypads which provide quick, convenient control of your smart lighting installation need not be an eyesore - with the right design you wont even notice they are there